Financial Situation 2012: Top or Flop?

The over-60s expect less in 2012, the 18- to 29-year-olds with more money. Whether the boys lose their optimism with the years, is open: According to a survey by CostBend they are not yet optimally for a satisfactory income in old age.

Free money

Half the Germans believe that they will have just as much free money during the course of 2012 as in the previous year. However, 33 percent assume that they will not see the bottom line. Only one in six Germans (16 percent) expects more money. Particularly confident are the 18 to 29-year-olds. Just over a third (35 percent) think that they will have more money available in 2012. The over-60s are far more pessimistic: 41 percent of the respondents of this generation face financial losses despite the pension increase.

Financially advises

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“The older, the more pessimistic – that’s the current trend. To stop this, the young generation has itself in the hand, “says Silke Barth, precautionary expert of CostBend. Although many under-30s are currently investing in their pensions, around one in five is not yet active here. Silke Barth advises: “For young people who can not or do not want to commit themselves financially, flexible forms of provision are a good alternative to start saving for the pension.” According to the expert, products that are designed as retirement plans are optimal but still allow access to the credit when needed. In addition, variable contributions make sense, which adapt to the changing life situations of people.